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Puerto Rico's Hometown Hero

cleveland Latino revitalizing his part of the neighborhood

Estamos agradecidos y orgullosos de representar a nuestro barrio Puertorriqueño...

In 2006, before the freefall of our economy, the building that would eventually become Benny's Sports Bar was purchased with a long-term plan in mind. After five+ years of interior and exterior renovations by a host of contractors, including our participation in the City of Cleveland's Storefront Renovation Program, our doors were opened and the response was phenomenal. 


We appreciate the support our community has shown us and are especially greatful to our patrons. As a result of your suggestions, we've begun to host a variety of events for the entertainment of our mulicultural community. We have come to be known as "the bridge" between opposite ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds. 


Our employees are as diverse as our patrons and are committed to delivering exceptional service. We are all ready to serve you and thank you immensely for choosing our establishment to patronize. 

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